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Model uniform core criteria for mass casualty triage.
Altered standards of care in mass casualty events: Bioterrorism and other public health emergencies
Mass medical care with scarce resources: A community planning guide
Allocation of scarce resources during Mass Casualty Events (MCEs)
"Murder or mercy? Hurricane Katrina and the need for disaster training."
[Draft] Supplemental document A: An analysis of theoretical approaches to rationing. Vaccine prioritization plan supplemental Document
A framework for catastrophic disaster response.
A framework for physician activity during disasters and surge events
Adapting standards of care under extreme conditions
Allocating scarce resources in disasters: Emergency department principles.
Alternate care systems: Stratification of care
Barriers to integrating crisis standards of care principles into international disaster and response plans: Workshop summary
Citizen voices on pandemic flu choices- public engagement pilot project on pandemic influenza
Clinical review: Allocating ventilators during large-scale disasters--problems, planning, and process
Community engagement: Leadership tool for catastrophic health events.
Concept of operations for triage of mechanical ventilation in an epidemic
Creation of Surge Capacity by Early Discharge of Hospitalized Patients at Low Risk for Untoward Events
Crisis standards of care: A systems framework for catastrophic disaster response
Crisis Standards of Care: Summary of a Workshop Series.
Definitive care for the critically ill during a disaster: A framework for optimizing critical care surge capacity: from a Task Force for Mass Critical Care summit meeting, January 26-27, 2007, Chicago, IL.
Emergency preparedness: States are planning for medical surge, but could benefit from shared guidance for allocating scarce medical resources
Equitable access to therapeutic and prophylactic measures.
Ethical challenges in preparing for bioterrorism: barriers within the health care system.
Ethical issues in pediatric emergency mass critical care.
Ethics of triage in the event of an influenza pandemic.
Guidance for establishing crisis standards of care for use in disaster situations: A letter report
Health care decisions in disasters: Engaging the public on medical service prioritization during a severe influenza pandemic
Health Care Facility and Community Strategies for Patient Care Surge Capacity
Health care system planning for and response to a nuclear detonation.
Inpatient disposition classification for the creation of hospital surge capacity: a multiphase study
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