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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Bamlanivimab Baseball Card

Bamlanivimab Injection (700 mg/20 ml)

Manufacturer: Eli Lilly and Company

Distributor: AmerisourceBergen (a.k.a., ABC);

Product: Single monoclonal antibody for outpatient infusion

Emergency Use Authorization (EUA): 11/9/2020

Units: Supplied as one single-dose 20-ml vial per carton

Earliest Expiration Date of Units Shipped: 9/9/2021
bamlanivimab vial and packaging

Storage: Keep in carton until use. Unopened vials must be stored at refrigerated temperature (2oC–8oC / 36°F–46°F) until use. Do not freeze, shake, or expose to direct light.

Earliest Expiration Date of Units Shipped: 9/9/2021

Single Vial w/ Carton Dimensions:1.7”(d) x 1.8”(w) x 2.7”(h)
Single Vial w/ Carton Weight: 2.1 oz.

Case:A full case contains 100 vials in cartons
Case Dimensions: 9.3”(d) x 18.9”(w) x 6.3”(h)
Case Weight:13.3 lb.

Administration: (Detailed guidelines are available.)

Drug: Add 20 mL of bamlanivimab (1 vial) to a prefilled infusion bag and administer as instructed below

Size of prefilled 0.9% Sodium
Chloride infusion bag

Maximum Infusion Rate Minimum Infusion Time
50 mL270 mL/hr

16 minutes

100 mL270 mL/hr

27 minutes

150 mL270 mL/hr

38 minutes

250 mL270 mL/hr60 minutes


  • This page last reviewed: January 29, 2021