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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

2012 Mid-Atlantic Storms

June 29, 2012:  A strong storm system with damaging winds and heavy rains caused widespread damage and power outages across the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic states.

Health and Safety

Find a Shelter | Locate Loved Ones | Food and Water Safety | Prevent and Treat Disease and Injury | Clean-up and Sanitation | Mental Health Resources | Safety Information for Responders & Clinicians

Picture of mother and child. 


Find a Shelter

To find a shelter: Text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 43362. Have friends or family that need to find shelter? Send this information to them via text.


Locate Loved Ones


Food and Water Safety


Prevent and Treat Disease and Injury



Clean-up and Sanitation


Mental Health Resources

The catastrophic effects of a hurricane often cause stress.  If you are experiencing distress from the storm, call 877-SAMHSA7 to receive help and referrals to local crisis lines.


Safety Information for Responders and Clinicians

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Prepare and Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Watch, Listen, Subscribe

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Register as Safe and Well

Safe and Well.  American Red Cross 

Join the Response

Join NDMS 

Register with Emergency System  for Advance Registration of  Volunteer Health Professionals 

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