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Tornadoes in Missouri

Tornado On May 22, Joplin, Missouri was struck by a tornado which has impacted a densely populated area of the city and caused widespread damage to the city’s infrastructure. A State of Emergency has been declared and the secretary of HHS has declared a public health emergency and issued a waiver of the requirements under Section 1135 of the Social Security Act. 

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Federal Public Health Actions | Missouri Health and Preparedness Information | Locate Loved Ones & Care for the Whole Family | Staying Safe | Food & Water Safety | Mental Health | Safety Information for Responders and Clinicians

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Federal Public Health Actions


Missouri Health and Preparedness Information

    Public Health Actions and Announcements
   Stay Connected
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Situation Report


Locate Loved Ones and Care for the Whole Family

Stay safe and take care of the immediate needs of yourself and your loved ones.


Staying Safe

Safety tips to help you handle common problems following tornadoes, including those related to power outages and cleaning up safely.


Food and Water Safety

Knowing how to determine if food is safe and how to keep food safe will help minimize the potential loss of food and reduce the risk of foodborne illness.


Mental Health Resources

Coping with the stress caused by a tornado can be challenging for individuals, families, and children.  Learn the signs of stress, what to expect, and how you can help your family and loved ones.  If you are having trouble coping and need someone to talk to, contact the Southwest Missouri Crisis Intervention Mental Health Hotline at 1-800-494-7355.

    Coping Resources:

Local Crisis Services

Alcohol and Substance Abuse in a Disaster

For Public Safety Workers


For Parents and Teachers: For Parents of Young Children:

For Parents of Teens: 



Safety Information for Responders and Clinicians 

Information on how to stay safe, manage fatigue, avoid hazards, and communicate with the public.














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