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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

2020 Independence Day: NDMS Responders Behind the Scenes - Alternative Description for Time-Based Media

The following is a text alternative description for 2020 Independence Day: NDMS Responders Behind the Scenes.

[The video begins with the title, "​ASPR, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, July 4, 2020 National Mall, Washington, D.C." The video features Brian Watlers, a Medical Officer with the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.]

Brian Walters: We were manning our medical tent here and one of our partner agencies witnessed a middle-aged gentleman fall to the ground about a hundred (100) yards from where we were. They went out, brought him back to our tent. Here we assessed him to look for any immediate medical life-threatening injuries.  Did a set of vital signs a 12-lead EKG, started an IV on him.  He had quite an extensive past medical history and medical comorbidities and because of that we determined he needed to go to the emergency room for some blood work and further testing and then we arranged transport via our partner agency to go the hospital.  You know it feels very good; it was a really good coordinated team effort through our team and our partner agencies and it feels good to be here on the 4th of July on the birthday of our nation helping out our fellow Americans.


​[The video ends with the ASPR logo and four pillars along with the byline “Saving Lives. Protecting Americans.”]


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  • This page last reviewed: September 02, 2020