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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

DRIVe - Personal Devices: Alternative Description for Time-Based Media

The following is a text alternative description for the DRIVe: Personal Devices Exit Icon video teaser.

This single frame video begins with the following introductory text floating horizontally out “Personal Devices that know BEFORE you get sick? Premieres June 5 #DRIVeinnovation” followed by the DRIVe logo on a gray background. The animation continues with ASPR’s four pillars logo, the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the ASPR logo. All appearing from left to right in the lower part of the frame. The animation concludes with a green swoosh graphic wrapping clockwise from the bottom of “D” in the DRIVe logo to the top of “R” to form a half circle with the byline “Transforming Health Security” appears sliding from left to right under the DRIVe logo with a dramatic “swoosh” sound effect.

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  • This page last reviewed: May 30, 2018