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SNS Training Video: General Used Bed (GUB) Assembly - Alternative Description for Time-Based Media

The following is a text alternative description for SNS Training Video: General Use Bed (GUB) Assembly.

[This training video begins with an image of a fully assemble General Use Bed (GUB). The video provides a visual demonstration and instructions to guide the user through the process of assembling a General Use Bed.]


Male Narrator:  The GUB, or General Use Beds are delivered in tri-walls with a red label marked "General Use". These beds are not very difficult to assemble, and can be put together by one person.  To assemble the bed:

  1.  First unlock the clip located near the top of the frame and open the bed.

  2. Lay the bed face down and raise all three legs so that they're pointing upward.

  3. Now secure the four hinges located at each end of the bedframe. To lock each hinge simply push down, preferably using your foot, or if you choose to use your hand it's good idea to wear gloves avoid scratches, cuts, or other accidental  injuries.

  4. Remove the mattress by sliding it out from underneath the bedframe.

  5. Now turn the bed over and place the mattress onto the bedframe. Use the four Velcro fasteners located at each end of the mattress to secure to the bedframe.

[The video ends showing the fully assembled Generally Used Bed (GUB).]

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  • This page last reviewed: September 02, 2020