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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Introducing DRIVe

The following is a text alternative description for the Introducing DRIVe Exit Icon video.

(Video begins with an animated image of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) logo. As the animation continues, the HHS logo is replaced with the ASPR logo and the Four Pillars which is an ASPR leadership concept. The four pillars represents providing national disaster healthcare system, innovative medical countermeasures, strong leadership, and robust public health security capabilities. The ASPR tag line is also featured "Save Lives. Protect Americans" as a female voice narrates the video with music playing continuously in the background.)

Narrator: At the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, ASPR is always on the lookout for innovative ways to save lives and protect Americans, especially during national emergencies.

(In this segment, the animation focuses on the fourth pillar, robust public health security capabilities, which is symbolized by an image of caduceus symbol over a shield with a American flag design. The image transitions into the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) logo and then into the DRIVe logo with a caption of the division's name, ​the Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures. The caption shows emphasis on the first letter of each word to illustrate that DRIVe is an acronym of the division as the narration continues.)

Narrator: BARDA has the solution; DRIVe...The Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures...tackling the big problems across ALL health security threats.

(In the next segment, the animation uses the BARDA logo, a lightbulb with various scientific icons, and a stack of money in a converging circle to the DRIVe logo to illustrate how the division brings these resources into central program. When the circle is completed, the fourth pillar (health security) is shown again.)

Narrator: DRIVe draws together the experience and proven track record of BARDA, the innovative ideas and knowledge from the scientific community and highly successful venture capital investment practices. DRIVe brings a new spirit of restless innovation to health security. DRIVe will target the once-impossible, to make dramatic progress in combating 21st century health security threats.

(In the following animated segment, the fourth pillar (health security) is now the center seven question marks in a diverging circular graphic to illustrate the unknown challenges that effect health security. The logo for sepsis appears as the first challenge DRIVe will tackle. The animation continues with single body diagram illustrating various parts of the body that can develop sepsis. As the narration continues, the animation transitions to an image of 12 body diagrams across a map of the United States to illustrate that sepsis is a national issue. As each body diagram disappears from the map, they are replaced with the CBRN icons. The statistics are included in the captions.)

Narrator: What challenges threaten our health security? Sepsis, for one. Sepsis is the body's life threatening response to an infection. This can happen when something like an infection you already have - in your lungs, skin, urinary tract or somewhere else - triggers an overreaction by your body, and it starts fighting itself. More than 1.5 million people in the U.S. get sepsis each year, leading to about 250,000 deaths. It's a real-life concern today, and an imminent concern if we face a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack.

(In the final animated segments, a graphic of a smart watch is shown with changing health icons (i.e., a heart, medical treatment facilities, medications, hand sanitizer, medical face mask, a box of tissues, and watch hands) on the face. The smart watch transitions back in to the diverging circular graphic of the health security pillar which continues to reveal the remaining health challenges followed by the DRIVe logo.)

Narrator: DRIVe is also looking at creating personal devices that tell you you're getting sick before you really feel sick. You could take immediate action, by taking medications that often work best when they're taken early, and taking steps to keep others from getting sick. When you consider something as common as seasonal flu, that alone makes the technology tremendously helpful. It's time to start solving the challenges that all health security threats have in common. That means changing the way government approaches the nation's health security and our preparedness to respond to those threats. Hyper-focusing on innovators nationwide, connecting federal resources, the scientific community, and venture capital investors. That's the way to solve these big health issues. And that means: it's time for DRIVe. DRIVe - Transforming Health Security.

(The video concludes with an image, a black background featuring the HHS logo and the video production disclaimer in white, as a female voice over announces "Produced at U.S. taxpayer expense by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services").

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  • This page last reviewed: June 05, 2018