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The Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals



Partner Organizations

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Matthew McCoy 

Matthew McCoy
Oklahoma City, OK

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ESAR-VHP's goal is to encourage health professionals to register in advance of a disaster or public health emergency so that they can offer their unique skills and help during emergency situations. Much in line with your organization's goals, ESAR-VHP is working to assist our citizens and communities by allowing our health professionals to serve at their highest capacity.

As professional organizations, you are in the unique position to offer key resources in times of disaster and public health emergencies. Your membership and stakeholders can provide critical aid if they are aware of and registered with ESAR-VHP.

By spreading the word and encouraging health professionals to register in advance, you are helping to ensure qualified public health and medical assistance is available in times of crisis and medical surge. This will happen through support and involvement in the program from professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, and foundations.

Partner Resources

There are a number of ways you can help to inform health professionals about the importance of ESAR-VHP.

If you have a partner or volunteer opportunity section on your website or a newsletter that your organization distributes to members and health professionals, we can provide you with the following materials:

  • ESAR-VHP logo
  • Banner advertisements
  • Downloadable version of the program brochure (PDF)
  • Web-ready content with overview of ESAR-VHP
  • Volunteer testimonial video
  • Video vignettes of actual ESAR-VHP volunteers
  • Print PSAs
  • Newsletter/email content (short version)
  • Newsletter content (long version)
  • Partner Drop-in Web Copy
  • 2012 Partner Webinar

For more information about partnering with ESAR-VHP and to obtain the materials listed above, e-mail us at​