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The Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals


Health Professionals

What does ESAR-VHP do for you?

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The Stories and Experiences of Volunteer Health Professionals
Columbus, OH

Marian Jenning 

Marian Jenning
Columbus, OH

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The time an​d expertise of volunteer health professionals is invaluable during a disaster or public health emergency. By registering with ESAR-VHP, your credentials and qualifications will be verified in advance so that you are able to serve on a moment's notice — within your state and across state lines — to provide needed help during an emergency.

With a volunteer registration program, volunteers and emergency response officials alike are free to spend more time contributing to the cause-at-hand and less time verifying volunteers' identity and credentials.

Other benefits include:

  • Health professional personnel, including doctors, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, physician assistants, technicians, technologists, social workers, and medical records professionals, are all integrated in the registry.
  • This registry does not obligate you to volunteer in the event of an emergency. It does, however, store and ensure your credentials are current so your credentials are verified in advance to assist those in need when you are ready to volunteer.
  • There is no registration fee and you can withdraw your registration at anytime.
  • Your participation helps to improve our Nation's level of preparedness.

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