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The Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals

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Success Stories below - The time and expertise of volunteer health professionals is invaluable during a disaster or public health emergency. By registering with ESAR-VHP, your credentials and qualifications will be verified in advance so that you are able to serve on a moment's notice — within your state and across state lines — to provide needed help during an emergency.



  • Desert Marathon Prepares New Mexico Volunteers

    Preparing for disasters and public health emergencies is critical to response efforts.


  • East Coast Takes Action during Hurricane Irene

    ESAR-VHP went into action up and down the east coast when Hurricane Irene’s 50+ mile per hour winds threatened in 2011.


  • Support in Aftermath of Kansas Tornado

    While physical health is usally the focus during response, mental health care plays a critical role in the relief efforts as well.


  • Heading off H1N1 in Rhode Island

    During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, state health officials across the nation took quick steps to stop the spread of infection.


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