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The Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals

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East Coast Takes Action during Hurricane Irene

ESAR-VHP went into action up and down the east coast when Hurricane Irene’s 50+ mile per hour winds threatened in 2011.

ESAR-VHP programs in thirteen states were prepared to deploy volunteer health professionals before, during and after the hurricane hit. Doctors, nurses and support volunteers manned shelters as community members sought out medical care and emotional support.

In Virginia, nursing units waited on standby and traveled to various shelters as needed. In Pennsylvania, ESAR-VHP supported the American Red Cross by providing 19 volunteer nurses to shelters that were short-staffed on medical aid.

And in North Carolina, ESAR-VHP worked with the 500 volunteers already in place for Hurricane Irene to deploy health professionals where they were needed most, including one group who cared for numerous residents in need during a 10-day deployment.

Hurricane Irene is just one of many examples where communities have been able to rely on ESAR-VHP’s volunteer health professionals during a multi-state emergency.

To volunteer with ESAR-VHP in your state follow the three steps to register.