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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

New diagnostic test to detect the presence of an influenza virus and identify its genetic profile

Date: September 15, 2014

Organization: InDevR of Denver, Colorado

Funding: $7.9 million 2-year base with options up to $14.7 million

About this program:  This program supports advanced development of a new diagnostic test, called FluChip-8G to detect the presence of an influenza virus and to identify the genetic profile of  influenza viruses detected. The test uses samples collected from the nasal passages of patients sick with flu-like symptoms during a clinic or emergency room visit, or when a patient is hospitalized.

The test would distinguish different influenza viruses by their specific genetic profile. This more detailed and accurate virus information will help doctors and patients manage these infections more effectively  by early infection control and recognition of influenza viruses resistant to antiviral treatments.

In addition, information from the new test could help public health officials control the spread of influenza viruses within the community. Unusual genetic profile results could alert public health officials that a new influenza virus has emerged so that potential pandemic viruses are identified and responded to quickly.

Currently detailed genetic testing of viruses can be done in state-level, federal or private specialty laboratories. Results can take days for doctors and patients to receive, yet treatment and infection control is more likely to be successful if it begins within 48 hours after symptoms start.

If successful during the first two years, InDevR will conduct clinical studies necessary to apply for approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and to develop a fully automated version of FluChip-8G.

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